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Amanda Congdon Naked

I’ve been encouraging people to check out Rocketboom and Wednesday I posted The Right Way To Do A Video Blog. In the process I discovered Amanda Congdon has her own wikipedia entry. I also discovered this amusing post by Alec Muffett who analyzed his server logfiles to people visiting him looking for Amanda Congdon information with 29% of them trying to find her naked.

So that’s 192 people searching for information about Ms Congdon, 29% of whom are searching along with the word “naked”.

Alec offers these words:

Mmm. Grow up, you pitiful nerds.
Learn to appreciate people for what they are and what they do.

And if you are new to Rocketboom, I highly recommend the Sept 27, 2005 show.

2 thoughts on “Amanda Congdon Naked

  1. If Amanda wanted to be naked in front of a camera, she could do so on Rocketboom. That would certainly take their audience to a new level. Although Tivo may not be entirely pleased.

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