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The Irony in America

We all know that if you need money and go to a bank that you’ll be laughted away. That’s why the working poor can’t get consolidation loans or emergency loans during tough times. Only people with money can get money which isn’t right.

The same thing applies to health care. Poor people can’t get dental care. Poor people can’t get medications when needed. Let’s say a poor person was feeling down because their situation had grown worse and they were concerned that they may not be able to feed their family. They get depressed which affects their job performance and they bring home less money making it more difficult to feed the family. Now, perhaps Prozac or Zoloft or something would help. But the poor person doesn’t have insurance and has to choose between going to the doctor and feeding the family. Of course, then there is the huge outlay of cash for the drugs.

So while the weathly can get Vicodin for “headaches” and recreation, the poor can’t get necessary medicines. I don’t know the fix but something needs to change.

4 thoughts on “The Irony in America

  1. The more I observe, the more convinced I am that health is for the insured.

  2. Exactly. My doctor thinks I need Prozac, but at $100 a month I can’t afford it. My husband thinks I need more sex, so I’m going to try that out instead! 😉

  3. What a thoughtful husband! 🙂 What a GOOD wife!

  4. Good health is a blessing for whomever has it. We’re not poor by any estimation, but 5 surgeries in right at 1 year really hurts even with insurance. Insurance is a scam, anyway. Health Care providers have multiple rates they charge different people based upon different factors. It is a RACKET! I probably pay more for health care with insurance (including the premiums) than I would pay for the health care as a skillful uninsured negotiator. We pay 400.00 individual deductables, and 80/20 beyond that. A recent MRI was billed at 2200.00, insurance paid 280.00 and we paid 452.00. The insurance is in place in case one of our minor issues becomes a major issue. It probably will not keep us out of bankruptcy, but we’ll default on less. I’m not a proponent of socialized medicine due to quality of care issues (e.g. my first dermatologist was an ass and an idiot). I am a proponent of some kind of controls on an industry that should be non-profit across the board.

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