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Today we think

Today, as you raise your hand to the driver that just cut you off, think
Choose to raise that middle finger, or give a friendly wave

Today, when the children learn that a whole roll of toilet paper won’t flush, think
Yell at them, or give them a hug and tell them it is ok to make mistakes

Today, when you miss the deadline again, think
Self-flaggelate to no end, or focus and get it done

Today, when your loved one snaps at you in stress, think
Sulk away and be hurt, or smile and give a hug

Today, think
Because sometimes tomorrow never comes.

3 thoughts on “Today we think

  1. I am so honored!

    Or insulted.

    I don’t know which.

  2. Oops, I thought you were linking a different post.

    Yeah, honored.

    Sorry for the confusion. I haven’t had my coffee today and I thought you were linking my latest “Loonies on the path” article. Yes, much less meaningful, but it would have changed the meaning completely, don’t you agree?

  3. Certainly would have taken a different meaning 🙂 Your “I had a neighbor” post deserves an award!

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