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Good day to sleep in

I could feel my weary body healing.

Alarm clock 1: Evan, 8 months and sleeping between Mom and Dad, sits straight up and starts looking around for trouble.

Snooze 1: Before he bolts, Dad puts an intriguing toy in his hand. Buys 3 minutes.

Snooze 2: Dad puts Evan in crib and places 3 different toys in front of him. Buys 4 minutes.

Alarm 2: Evan screams. Dad snoozes alarm with pacificer. Buys 1 minute.

Alarm 3: Amy, 3 years, magically appears sitting on the foot of the bed. Molly, the dog, is sleeping in her favorite “dead dog” position which is on her back with all 4 paws straight up in the air toward the ceiling. Dad moves Amy, who has removed her jamies and was looknig cold and stunned, to between Mom and Dad but notices Evan has left a large drool spot which would be uncomfortable on her bare skin so he slides her down some and adjusts covers. Buys 45 seconds.

Alarm 4: Dog rolls over and tries to share the same space as Dad. Evan screams. Dad throws in towel.

Let’s change a diaper and brew some coffee.

2 thoughts on “Good day to sleep in

  1. I don’t know how you cope, I have four nephews there enough of a hand full.

  2. That was a lot of work for a few minutes!

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