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Of Being Dad – Wrong reaction

So this morning Evan woke but wasn’t fully awake. Evan sleeps best in his swing. His first night in the swing he slept 7 hours. Unfortunately this did not hold. He is now sleeping in 2-3 shifts through the night. The swing is wonderful and I highly recommend it!

When I took Evan from his swing he laid his head on my chest and started to drift off so I chose to lay down in Noah’s bed with Evan. Amy and Noah were in the front of the house watching television and both Evan and I drifted off. Shreeech! pause Schreeech! Amy has come into the room and is dragging a chair across the wood floors. I implore her to leave the room and she verbally refutes me. She wants to lay in the bed too. Evan’s eyes pop open.

Now, at this time, I have choices to make. I could be the quintessential father and respond lovingly or turn to something evil. Instead of helping her climb into bed, where I knew she would chatter and toss and turn, I asked her to leave. When she argued I barked. When Evan cried out, probably in response to my barking, I physically hauled her out of the room. Then I felt bad so we made cinnamon rolls.

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