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Today’s Useful Information for Women and Men

For the ladies, information about a better sports bra. For the guys, simply a cheap thrill. Not safe for work. Guys may find their afternoon bouncing away.

And since we are on the subject of time wasters in the name of a good smile, here’s a safe for work (with sound) video of a European award winning commercial you might not see in the United States.

1 thought on “Today’s Useful Information for Women and Men

  1. […] This is mesmerizing yet somehow very disturbing. I can’t tell if she’s singing non-sense or if that’s something European or Asian. This deserves a look simply from a technical appreciation for the quality of the animation. Playing Zork and Leisure Suit Larry so many years ago one could have never imagined such imagery would ever exist. The animation is, um, so smooth! This girl needs a bra (nws first referenced here). With all that said here is a link to something that is best with sound and is possibly work questionable. Oh, and I promise you are going to have two reactions: 1) You are going to stare mouth agape wondering why you continue to stare and not click away, and 2) you are going to say, "those things really bounce!" I was most impressed with the realism of the thighs and hips. comments (0) […]

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