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Children Steal Your IQ

  1. Put 10 month old into swing and buckle securely.
  2. Hold your left hand as if you were going to shake hands.
  3. Place a bottle of Tylenol Infant Drops Plus Cold between your thumb and index finger of the left hand.
  4. Use your right hand to squeeze dropper and remove cap with dropper full of medicine.
  5. Use left hand to remove pacifier from infant’s mouth by grabbing with index finger and thumb.
  6. Try to place dropper into infant’s mouth only to realize taking infant to 9 year old’s karate lessons has been a mistake.
  7. Use pinky finger, ring finger and middle finger of left hand to hold down infant’s right arm.
  8. Use right forearm to block infant’s left hand.
  9. Quickly shove dropper into infant’s mouth.
  10. Realize that since step 7 the bottle of Tylenol Infant Drops Plus Cold has been pouring onto infant’s stomach.

Perhaps I watched too much Three Stooges as a child.

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