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My brain has been damaged

The Higglytown Heroes just did The Time Warp. (they tried diguising it with word changes to make it about how to find a lost family member)

I have some interesting memories of The Rocky Horror Picture Show (amz). I recall the very first show I attended (in Memphis circa 1987) and a participant recited "the menu" in a way that got him a standing ovation. I’ve never seen its duplicate. When I was the treasurer of the Clement Hall Resident’s Association I also ran the movie nights (I’d start off with cartoons, then a popular movie, an intermission of cartoons, another (cult) movie, then finish off the remaining cartoons). On Friday nights, I’d pull out a bootleg copy of RHPS (this was prior to its 1990 release) at midnight. We even did a virgin call in the lobby of Clement Hall. I was always an audience member and never a cast member. The shows at the Terrace Tap House were a blast. My last show there was very … um… interesting.

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