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Nintendo DS Download Station is very cool

So, I read about the DS Download Station and thought it to be a good idea. It is "try before you buy" for DS games. I walk into Best Buy and the employees are confused. Finally we get one in the know and we stand in front of an endcap of games. There is a tiny sign with instructions. Apparently the wireless equipment is buried inside the endcap (they should make this a little more obvious). So, you turn on your DS and wirelessly connect to, um, the endcap and get a selection of games. You choose one and it begins downloading. As long as you don’t walk more than 15 feet from the endcap you get the game. Once it is 100% downloaded you can walk away and play the game until you power off the DS or twelve hours elapses.

The only downside is that right now they only offer 7 games for trial. I love the concept! Noah has been playing the game we downloaded last night all day long. No more spending $50 to find out that they don’t like the game.

Update:The XBox 360 also allows for downloading demos at the store.

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  1. […] Last night to help the children get their minds off Lucy, we met a visiting uncle and the grandparents at our favorite family restaurant, IHOP. Uncle Stinky had purchased Narnia for the children without knowing they already had it so we all headed to Best Buy for an exchange to Fraggle Rock and to give the boys a chance to use the DS Download Station. Our troops march in and immediate disperse! After making sure that the boys understood the Download Station, I headed off to find out Best Buy does not sell filters for the Roomba (time to order from iRobot). Upon returning to report into my wife, I find that Lissa Kay has identified us! She said she recognized Tommy first but her suspicions were confirmed by our numbers! […]

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