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Time to close a window – Calendar Apps

This window has 21 tabs open. I pretty much am disenchanted with most of the CRM software out there like Act! and Goldmine and equally as disappointed in most calendar software including Yahoo Groups‘ calendars. Lately, I have been trying Hipcal out but have not been knocked off my feet yet. Everyone probably has heard by now that Google has released its much anticipated Web 2.0 Google Calendar. I’ve had this tab open since the day it came out so I could review it and give feedback. I have neither a review and the only feedback is that it looks like all the rest with perhaps the exception of better calendar sharing opportunities (and spam opportunities).

Btw, for those wondering, "what is web 2.0?" It is just a buzz word for webpages/sites that refresh or load information behind the scenes so you don’t have to watch the page reload.

4 thoughts on “Time to close a window – Calendar Apps

  1. Being a Hipcal user, and having liked it, I am pretty much sold on google’s calender app. It’s quick and doesn’t seem to experience a few of the snags that hipcal had. The quick add on google calendar is cool as shit.. try it.. type something like: haircut tomorrow at 7pm ; or party next sunday at 5pm

    pretty sharp, eh?

  2. That’s the feature of Google Maps that drew me away from MapBlast. I’ll probably end up with Google Caendar unless I write my own đŸ˜‰

  3. I happen to really like apps written in AJAX (although I am not thrilled with writing them — not yet anyway).

    That being said, I was quite underwhelmed by Google Calendar, although I must admit, I am not quite sure what I was expecting. A Calendar app is a calendar app.

  4. I’ve toyed with the idea of enlisting some sharp tacks to work on an open source calendar idea I’ve got that would combine a calendar system with a productivity tool ala GTD or Franklin Covey. That’s vague and yes everyone in the world has been trying to pull off “the perfect calendar” but (like all those before me) I think I really have some unique ideas.

    There is no more challenging programming task than calendar events. You can have knights tour, ai, or what have you; have a programmer pull off calendar events well and they’ve proven they know their salt!

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