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I juggled..punish me now.

Last night I juggled with the Knoxville Juggler’s Club. Excellent people! Very talented jugglers. I had a blast and when I came home I permitted myself some tv time with the wife, helped the beligerent 7th grader write an important speech for student council elections, then took a cat nap that lasted most of the night.

Now comes the punishment. My body isn’t sore like last time…at least, not yet. But I woke to find my Linux development server being uncooperative. Doesn’t want to find the network. Could be a bad nic. With the deadlines I have this week I can’t afford a moment’s downtime! Muuuurph!

Update: Dev server seeing network again!

2 thoughts on “I juggled..punish me now.

  1. Ah, this solves something my wife and I were discussing a while back… GAC used to work at the Store of Knowledge, back when it existed, and was the mistress of those juggling (devil) sticks. She was wondering if you had crossed paths regarding that. I figured the cursed-juggler was used in the same meaning that I’m really neither atomic, nor tumored.

  2. Doug couldn’t walk by that store without playing with the devil sticks.

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