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Sometimes I read something I want to save for later but bookmarks in a web browser do not cut it. Often I am not on the computer where I will need the reference later. Ergo, blogmarks!

In today’s blogmarks, we have How to see in the dark which I mark not for the information but rather to grab the rss feed when I am back downstairs. I like comparing these DIY pages. Speaking of, Make: (which I looove! Next issue should be coming out soon. Thank you Carmat!!) is coming out with a new magazine called Craft:.

Next up, 450+ helpful freeware utilities. I blogmark this not because I want to jump in and use these utilities. I don’t trust them! However, I troubleshoot enough computers and do enough geeky things that I may find this a good reference. Someday I’ll look them over.

Brings us to the New York Times, Students Searched Without Warning

the new searches would be used to confiscate not only weapons but also an array of “dangerous instruments,” as well as cellphones

Oh yeah, get those dangerous cell phones!

He advised any principal whose school faced the surprise searches to postpone any tests scheduled for first period. “Give the exam the next day,” he said.

Way to put the importance on education there Bloomberg!

And the final blogmark, Portable DVD player to include slot for Gameboy Advanced games.

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