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Wishes come true and I bet reality comes crashing down

Boyfriend and girlfriend make a bet. At stake? A threesome! Looks like boy wins but I bet their relationship doesn’t last a week afterwards. Win the battle, lose the war.

So, here’s the story… I said to my girlfriend that any stupid website could get tons of hits, simply because people are bored all the time. She said that I was an idiot and couldn’t make a website that could get tons of hits if I wanted to. After a long argument (mostly centered around the fact that she called me an idiot) we made a bet:

If I could not make a website to get 2,000,000 hits, I would agree that I was an idiot; however, if I could make a website to get 2,000,000 hits, she would have a menage a trois (that’s a threesome to you non french-speakers) with me and another girl. I thought she was kidding at the time, but then she said she was so sure of herself, that she would even put it in writing.

At the time of this post–2,010,891–if you can believe the counter. The impressiveness of it is that not 9 hours ago it was around 600,000. Looks like it is going up at the rate of about 100 hits per second. By the time I finished typing this the numbers reached 2,031,379.

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