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Lost Tidbits

My alloted time for blogging is done so here are some quick Lost notes. Possible spoilers!

Cathy called Michael being bad immediatly upon his running out of the jungle. Note Michael’s headache and thirst (similar to Claire’s when she was drugged and so agreeable). Note "Henry"’s reference to Anna Lucia’s killing two "good" people; I’m not convinced he was referring to people on the island and yes, I lean toward some mind reading skills here. The hottest link on the Internet right now involves IM’ing Hanso. is back online and really cool! (Note the picture from Oct 28, 2001 of the electromagnetic imagery and how similar it is to the black smoke–could it simply be an electromagnetic disturbance that attracts dust from the black rocks?) The Hanso Foundation has an RSS feed which reveals:

The Hanso Foundation Life-Extension Project celebrated a milestone in the 105th birthday of experimental subject 626. Experimental subject 626, known to Hanso Life Extension project researchers as “Joop,” is an orangutan originally harvested by British explorers in the early 1900s


The Hanso Foundation stands at the vanguard of social and scientific research for the advancement of the human race. re-launches with a new look. Sign up to the newsletter if you want to get updates.

I could blog on Lost 40 hours per week! or more. Hehehe. Signing up for the newsletter seeks a password from Persephone. Anyone have it yet?

Update: Don’t forget your 3 must read Lost reviews: The Reign of Ellen, Big Orange Michael, and CFJedi Master.

4 thoughts on “Lost Tidbits

  1. breakingstrain is the password

  2. Also, persephone is a planet in firefly.

    OK. That’s circular. The newsletter tells us to call the phone number. The phone number gives us the password to the newsletter.

  3. Last night surprised me. I’m so glad I didn’t spoil this episode.

  4. One of the ladies I work with, her DVR rebooted with five minutes left so she had no idea what happened at the end. Could you imagine!?! Best episode of the season. Now I’m starting to think that Henry is actually the head guy of the Others. It would explain his praise for the leader and how smart and gifted the leader is.

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