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Amidst Celebrity!

I have been in the same room as Glen Reynolds and met Michael Silence (multiple times).

Last night to help the children get their minds off Lucy, we met a visiting uncle and the grandparents at our favorite family restaurant, IHOP. Uncle Stinky had purchased Narnia for the children without knowing they already had it so we all headed to Best Buy for an exchange to Fraggle Rock and to give the boys a chance to use the DS Download Station. Our troops march in and immediate disperse! After making sure that the boys understood the Download Station, I headed off to find out Best Buy does not sell filters for the Roomba (time to order from iRobot). Upon returning to report into my wife, I find that Lissa Kay has identified us! She said she recognized Tommy first but her suspicions were confirmed by our numbers!

Lissa Kay of Oh…really? is wonderfully pleasant. I could have spent the rest of evening chatting with her. Of course there was the trepidation caused by timidity of being amid celebrity. And the hesitation in conversation trying to avoid redundancy.

Me: And then…
Her: Read it.
Me: The cutest thing…
Her: Commented on it.
Me: Did you hear?
Her: Hey! You got that from my blog!

Of course, that was the conversation in my head; not the real one! I hope to bump into more bloggers. It is quite a thrill!

2 thoughts on “Amidst Celebrity!

  1. Yeah, Lissa’s something else… her and I shared a cubicle for quite some time at a job a few years back. We both like to curse.

  2. Well look at you … I guess there’s celebrity in numbers. Better odds of being recognized. Now I’ll really worry if we’re recognized from our cat’s blog…

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