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Understand Net Neutrality

Understand that the Internet you know and love is being threaten. Take 6.5 minutes to watch this video to better understand net neutrality and why you should be in touch with your representative in Washington.

UPDATE: Be sure to watch this one also which presents the other side of the debate. Here’s a comment I just made at Say Uncle:

I think that link should be balanced with the other side.

Knowing the Internet on the technical side as intimately as I do, I think both videos leave out critical information. I’m still weighing my thoughts on the issue. Right now I think the 6.5 minute video in favor of regulation presents better arguments. The hands off video is more strongly deceptive in making people think that Google and the giants are getting a free ride which they aren’t. They have to pay for connectivity just like the rest of us and bandwidth at their magnitude can get expensive. Any small time publisher that has found the front page of Instapundit, Digg, Slashdot, BoingBoing or the rest knows the pain.

I still have to think this one over.

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  1. That video does explain one side of it, but it is only one side. There’s a flash video at which gives the other side.

    And I really must say, the Google Video you’ve posted is just wrong, maybe purposefully misleading, about what it means to the average consumer. No one is trying to limit anybody’s freedom online. The point is creating a separate faster access for video, voice and health technology.

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