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Lost in work – Charlie is an Other

Dean was correct. And thanks for the reminder!. I’ve been franticly trying to please my clients. Up at 3:30am and asleep sometime between 10pm and midnight. The rest of the day is work work work with necessary breaks to meet family need. However! I wanted to get one Lost note in from last week.

All the reviews I read were good. I think some people wrongly assess the episode as light. I found it a very necessary and connecting piece. Some of the characters have gone directions that I never expected. Locke was so strong in season one and season two has given him a beating but don’t we all go through that in life? We have our strong moments then we have our times of weakness where no matter how hard we try things don’t seem to go our way. Before I commented on this I had wanted to watch the episode again. Time didn’t permit so here is my comment that I only saw one person so lightly touch on…

Is Charlie working with The Others? Bringing the medicine to Claire was too convenient. It was also wrong. If you medical equipment like that wouldn’t you take it to the doctor instead of to a new born?! And to say he knows it doesn’t hurt because he has tried it is almost admitting that he is getting shots. I seriously doubt the vials would have such specific instructions. If you were among The Others or whomever the medicine is intended, you would be briefed on why and how to use it. Does that make Desmond an Other? The directions are specific to Claire. Charlie did not find the medicine! He was instructed to deliver it.

I am very much looking forward to tonight’s episode!

2 thoughts on “Lost in work – Charlie is an Other

  1. charlie did say he tried it on himself.. i think he’s too dumb to be working with the 0thers

  2. The feebleminded are easily manipulated.

    Charlie has only known these people roughly two months and in one day everyone turned on him. What an opportunity for The Others to win him to their side!

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