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Crappiest Site on the Internet

Gone are the days of lighting paper bags on doorsteps. Now you can give a crap over the Internet.

For whatever occasion, make that someone special feel exactly that…special! Yes, flowers and candy are nice but perhaps you are looking for something a bit more personal? Something that says you care and lets your friends or loved ones know that you truly do give a crap!

Box & Poop size & and color may vary.

The Crap o’ Gram is a novelty, non-toxic, rubber fake piece of poo.

Personally, this one doesn’t tickle me much but I bet most people will get a kick out of giving a crap. [Source]

You can also buy plush Pee & Poo (Swedish: Kiss & Bajs).

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  1. […] A Christmas or two ago I wanted to buy some Kiss & Bajs (that’s Swedish for Pee & Poo) as a gift for someone but they didn’t ship overseas. I even looked into having a friend from Europe buy some and send it to me. This crappy market seems to be growing and as consumers we are gaining choices in how to gift someone with excrement. I have yet to find a website that offers to deliver a flaming paper to someone’s doorstep. […]

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