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Let me off this ride!

A day or two ago it hit me. BPV! Benign Positional Vertigo for me comes on with extreme stress. It’s strange. I feel woozy. The room spins and I have trouble standing. Nothing I can do helps. I just have to wait until it subsides then try really hard to minimize my head movements. Granted, I could get some 25mg meclizine pills but I can’t afford the sleep right now.

Age: BPPV seem to have a predilection for the older population, with the average age of onset 51 years. It is rarely seen in persons younger than 35 years without a history of antecedent head trauma.

I wonder what head trauma I’ve had.

One of the most common causes of BPPV is head trauma. Although the true mechanisms are not exactly certain, the concussive forces presumably cause particles that reside in the vestibule to become displaced to the canal. Other factors that predispose individuals to BPPV include inactivity, acute alcoholism, major surgery, and CNS disease.

Oh. Thanks college!

Once treated, BPPV recurrence rate is between 5% and 15%.

Treated? I wonder if they mean canalith repositioning procedure (CRP). I suppose my chiropractor could do that.

6 thoughts on “Let me off this ride!

  1. Adjustments to the upper cervical spine have been shown to have a positive affect on vertigo (I’ve had success with several patients myself). There is also cervicogenic vertigo, which chiropractic has a lot of success with because of the direct involvement of the cervical spine. Unfortunately, I’m 4 1/2 hours down the road, which makes regular adjustments a little inconvenient.
    “Your chiropractor”

  2. I’ve had bouts of something that sounds very similar to this BPV, but it’s not frequent enough, or occuring every time I get in a particular position.
    Vertigo sucks.

  3. I get some kind of interesting something or other happen on occasion. I will be on terra firma, and all of a sudden it feels like the floor drops a couple inches. Weird …

    My blood pressure does weird things too … like drop to near nothing in really interesting places, like the shower. This started after I had rheumatic fever after a strep infection, which did some cardiac damage, about 14 years ago. I get some really interesting cardiac rhythms every now and then …

    Don’t mess with strep, man. Bad juju there …

    Oh … BTW, that interview I totally fluffed? I got the job! I be a real geek now! AT and me, at the third same company … how weird is that. He’s gonna think I’m stalking him or something …

  4. Good to hear! Congrats! Maybe I should join you guys 🙂

  5. […] I overslept and woke at 4:30am. 4:30-5am was my freshening up time and making coffee. I’ve severely cut down on my coffee intake, going with no coffee days on end, since caffiene seems to aggrivate the BPV. Today I needed coffee. […]

  6. […] I’ve been feeling increasingly depressed. Work stress and my general situation have just beaten me down. I have managed to keep the dizzy spells back but often it is just by luck that I’m not swirling away. […]

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