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Google Spreadsheets – first come first serve

Google is issuing invitations on a first come first serve basis to people interested in trying their latest—Google Spreadsheets.

2 thoughts on “Google Spreadsheets – first come first serve

  1. I have used it. At least for the time being. Excel is safe. This is only good for basic spreadsheet work.

  2. Meh … it’s OK. I wish images could be inserted and other formatting available. Can’t use any math symbols at all, even if Plain Text is specified for the cell(s).

    But I like having access to files at more than one location and the ability to share with other online users. But then that brings security implications to mind … as I thought as I entered sensitive customer data into a spreadsheet at work … how easy it would be to upload that to an anonymous Google account. Just sayin, ya know … I can *think* evil, just too much of a wimp to actually BE evil. Usually …

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