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Oh Hell

For the record, the sign of the beast is probably 616 not 666. Of course to satisfy people’s devil interests, Wikipedia has notes on the Number of the Beast. The number 666 is so powerful that it causes such stupidity as renaming highways. US Route 666 was named in 1926 and had no problems for 77 years but in 2003 it was renamed to US Route 491.

A fragment from the oldest surviving copy of the New Testament, dating to the Third century, gives the more mundane 616 as the mark of the Antichrist.
…the discovery appears to spell the end of 666 as the devil’s prime number
…more conventional versions of the Bible give 666 as the “number of the beast,” or the sign of the anti-Christ whose coming is predicted in the book’s apocalyptic verses, the older version uses the Greek letters signifying 616.

[Source, Religion News Blog, Beast’s real mark devalued to 616?]

3 thoughts on “Oh Hell

  1. Thanks for that link… I guess we should have been worried a few days ago then!

  2. I don’t know what every body is “worried” for, we know damn well where the anti-christ is that is. He is currently serving as the President of the United States 😉

    Seriously, this story just proves how unreliable the “scriptures” are as “proof” of what “is” or “should be” on so many issues, but the inaccuracies (or fact that scholars have said that Revelations is written in code) still do not stop these nutbags from quoting it.

  3. […] On June 6, 2006 I posted that the Devil’s number has changed. What I really wanted to post was the link to when I personally heard about this the first time. My favorite radio show on NPR right now is undeniably Wait wait don’t tell me.. When I could not find the reference to their show educating that 666 has been changed to 616, I sent an email. From: Doug McCaughan Sent: Tuesday, June 06, 2006 9:45 AM To: WaitWait Subject: Did you have a commentary on 616 and 666? […]

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