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Reasons to hate Windows

I run a legal copy of Windows XP and still use service pack 1. I like service pack 2 and put it on all new machines but this machine is a little too critical to my life to risk going to through the nightmares I heard that can happen when installing service pack 2. Granted, nothing bad should happen, however, if it can go bad with me it probably will at the absolute worst moment.

What’s this got to do with hating Windows? Today I accepted an update from Microsoft and since then every two hours I’ve had a window popup to notify me that on Oct 10, 2006 support for service pack 1 will end. Does this mean that every two hours between now and October 10th I’m going to have to deal with this message?! Not a smart way to do business. If I don’t want to secure my machine and if I want to deal with not being supported I should have that option without the nuisance!

A linux development environment sounds awfully nice right now.

3 thoughts on “Reasons to hate Windows

  1. “If it can go bad with me it probably will at the absolute worst moment.”

    Yeah…story of my life!!

  2. I don’t hate Windows, but I do hate the new “Be Evil” policy it seems that Microsoft has taken up.

  3. I don’t really hate Windows. My life revolves around it!

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