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Give me calm!

Man, ever have one of those days where you wanted to run to the pharmacy screaming "give me adhd medicine!"? Of course they don’t work that way so I guess screaming "valium" would be more appropriate. The little yellow pill (poetry) really should be over the counter. Shoot, the system is in place for tracking Sudafed; why not use it to make things like Valium otc with monthly limits? I say that having never ever in my life knowingly had Valium. But gee whiz, Mrs. Cleaver sure seemed happy and functional!

Doctor please, some more of these
Outside the door, she took four more

Btw, incase you missed it above, this is a must click link!

1 thought on “Give me calm!

  1. Ah, Valium… thats the wonder drug. Problem is, if it were over the counter, I’d never get anything done…

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