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FDA does something really good!

Young ladies, time to get your paps smeared!

The Food and Drug Administration announced Thursday that it has approved the first vaccine designed to prevent cancer. [source]


Gardasil also blocks infection by two other HPV types that cause about 90% of genital warts cases

Some questions remain about the best age for immunization with Gardasil, although the consensus is that girls should be vaccinated before becoming sexually active.

See also The Washington Post:

The vaccine, which works by building immunity against the sexually transmitted human papillomavirus, was found to be effective in preventing almost three-quarters of all cervical cancers.

The vaccine, called Gardisil and developed by Merck & Co., was approved for girls and women ages 9 and 26. It is most useful if given to younger girls, because the vaccine is ineffective once the virus — which is very common among sexually active people — is already present.

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