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New direction

The risks no longer outweight the rewards. Risk required. Thanks for the reminder.

3 thoughts on “New direction

  1. So what, you’re trying to decide whether to give up your freelance coding and get a job? And you’ve decided on the job?

    I’m contemplating the exact opposite..

  2. I’m still buying lottery tickets … and hoping.

  3. I’ve been beating it around for years. Right now I’m more on the line than ever. Freelance means cash flow problems and that means to best succeed you need 6 months salary in the bank and no debt. That formula will get you through any ups and downs.

    I love working from the house because I can be very involved in my family’s lives and can work in a style that best suits me but without the backing of a regular paycheck I can’t do fun things like replace the car. Going into a bank and saying “Yes, I work for myself, am in debt up to my eye balls, as a matter of fact the IRS does hold a lien against me, this month I might make $0 but next month I might make $12,000” doesn’t convince them to give you a loan. Throwing in “and I’m a good person” might get you a snide “yeah, sure.”

    Going to work for “the man” could mean significantly less money but I could have certain things regularly drafted from bank or paycheck and start cleaning up my mess. Insurance would be a big plus. And if I wanted to take a couple of years off from the family, I supposed I could still consult in the evenings provided it did not conflict with company policy.

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