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Another win!


Woohoo! One of my referrals won a movie ticket on Blingo so I win too! I received the choice of a movie ticket or a $10 iTunes gift certificate. This time I chose the movie ticket. Cathy has won 4 times and I’ve won 3 times. We use the iTunes certificate or movie ticket as a bribe for Sarah.

Today’s Blingo Blog notes that Blingo is becoming PCHBlingo. Yes, you read that correctly. Publisher’s Clearing House (promise to give away $10million while secretly stealing old people’s retirement under the guise of selling magazines) has purchased Blingo!

Over the last two years you’ve come to enjoy great search results and fun prizes at Blingo. We’ve given away over 22,000 gifts since we started, but in an effort to give away more, even bigger prizes, Blingo has partnered with the king of sweepstakes. Yes, you guessed it: Publishers Clearing House, the folks who give away things like $10 million at a time. The new PCHBlingo will be the same great site but with a bit more punch.

Watch the site for new features and exciting prizes, and thanks for searching and winning on Blingo!

I’ll hold my judgment. Maybe I’ll need to switch to Ask’s Ask has produced some better search engine results than Google here lately anyhow.

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