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Dead for 19 months without investigation

It appears the TBI is willing to investigate a murder if the district attorney’s office will request the investigation. Attorney General Randy Nichols refuses so a walk has been planned in Knoxville on July 14 to publically ask Nichols to make the call to the TBI. Les Jones has posted the details at No Silence Here.

I have not followed this case and do not understand the politics behind the difficulty; however, if my child had been murdered, I would be ever vigilant in seeing a proper investigation executed. I would want the support of my community in my walk on July 14.

3 thoughts on “Dead for 19 months without investigation

  1. I’m in the same boat, I’ve been wondering what the deal is. There has to be some reason that the locals have been so hesitant to do anything with this. America’s Most Wanted was going to do a segment, and the county shot it down, and now this. Figure Nichols did it (he says anoynmously on someone elses blog…)

  2. Nichols is first and foremost, a politician. His unwillingness to allow outside help with this crime probably means that there exists evidence which they think will eventually help solve the case. “Who” solves the case seems to have become more important than that the case is actually solved. Pride versus justice.

  3. Well damn, Cathy said it all.

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