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Two steps forward; one step back

With the beautiful weather and frustration at not being able to locate my tools, I took some time this weekend to clean out the garage. Much rejoicing was had as I found goodies to pass along to the children who hazarded closely enough to investigate the mysterious cave of a garage, some braving to linger long enough to be enlisted into cleaning while others took a quick look and ran. I can walk in my garage again much to the chagrin of the hundreds of camel crickets who thought this a nice residence.

You know that scene in Twister with the barn full of scythes and sharp farm tools. I reproduced it on a smaller scale when my free standing peg board holding chisels, screw drivers, saws (including one of those handy "I cut through anything" drywall demolition saws), and whatnot fell on me. I took that Indiana Jone "the ceiling with sharp spears is coming down on me and there is nothing I can do poses" and hoped for the best. I got the best.

Steps back? Time in the garage took away from time on the computer but in the long run the organization will save time and off loading the trash makes for a happier home.

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