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Building collapses in NY

Swap blog reports "A three story building just blew up in New York." Any confirmation on this?

Update: MSNBC reports "A three-story building collapsed Monday in midtown Manhattan after an explosion and fire at the site, fire officials said. Smoke rose high above the building, located on 62nd Street between Park and Madison avenues. "

Other information I’m hearing

  • is that it was a doctor’s office.
  • Possible gas leak
  • NOT terrorism
  • Power surge
  • building 70 feet wide
  • witnesses say didn’t sound like an explosion but like something fell
  • 4 injuries, no deaths yet

So, what’s going on in Congress that needed a swing vote based on public sentiment?

Update: One person trapped alive in the rubble.

Not to make light of a horrible situation but does anyone get the feeling this will end with a fat man with bad flatuance ala Confederacy of Dunces?

UPDATE: I was just told that in an interview on MSNBC that the NYC fire chief confirmed the building collapse as a gas leak. CNN has the scoop and of course it is credible because, well, they quote Larry King who was in a hotel somewhere in the city when it happened.

Update: Word on the street is that suicide is being investigated as the leading cause of the building collapse…I guess even buildings gets depressed.

4 thoughts on “Building collapses in NY

  1. We just heard the same info. Doctors office and a beauty salon, NOT terrorist, probably a gas explosion. We updated a our post. Thanks for staying on top of it.

  2. “I guess even buildings gets depressed.”
    ba dum bum…

  3. They are saying now that this may have been a “suicide bombing” as the Doctor that owned the building preferred to have it blown up than go to his estranged spouse. On one side of things, I say the city should charge him for all involved expenses, Firetrucks, Equipment, Cost for Firefighters. On the other hand, it will probably wipe him out financially and then he still sort of wins (nothing remaining for the ex). So perhaps the next best thing would be to turn control of all his assets over to his ex-wife, becuase after all what worse punishment could they give him.

  4. So, he hired someone to kill themselves to keep assets from his wife?!

    1) hiring someone to kill themselves should be prosecuted as murder for hire.
    2) has this guy not heard of lawyers and accountants?!
    3) he lives in New York! Dey gots peoples witd family whats can takes care o’ things cleaner than dis.
    4) She can’t have what he gives to charity! And I’m pretty good charity.

    I agree that his punishment should be to hand his assets over to his wife THEN he can start working off his debt to the city.

    All this assumes a certain truth to what is being said.

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