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Things I do

Yesterday I had the pleasure of building a form on website A that used javascript to create an encoded url which was then sent along with the form data to website B which processed the data then landed the customer at website C to complete the product purchase.

Today, unrelated to yesterday’s mail work, I had to get a Windows server using IIS’ SMTP to resend mail caught in the badmail folder. If you end up with mail in the badmail folder (typically c:\inetpub\mailroot\badmail\ ) follow these steps:

  1. Move the contents of your inetpub/mailroot/badmail folder to a temporary location (I chose c:\temp\reprocessmail\)
  2. Remove the .bad extension from all of the files (resulting in no extension for these files) (the other files *.bdp and *.bdr can be discarded. For good measure I put them into c:\temp\reprocessmail\brd\ The bdr files contain the reason the mail failed to process.)
  3. Move the contents of your temporary folder to the inetpub/mailroot/pickup folder

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