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ARrrr! Thar Be A Good Pirates Movie Matey!

Saw Pirates 2 last night. Thoroughly enjoyed it! Despite the 2 movie sized medium cokes I drank begging me to leave at the roll of the credits, I entertained the training X-Men and Cars have put into my children’s heads. Pirates has the most astoundingly long credits I have ever seen! There must have been 3000 names! At one point it was 4, 5 or 6 columns of solid names on the screen. Looked like a joke.

Even people that stayed through half the credits started giving up. But I was pleased we stayed, for indeed, Noah was correct. He said, "Cars was made by Disney and this is made by Disney, so there’s something at the end."

2 thoughts on “ARrrr! Thar Be A Good Pirates Movie Matey!

  1. My son and I just saw it tonight – glad we stayed for the credits, too 🙂 I knew there had to be something since there was after Pirates 1.

  2. Now I can’t remember if we stayed the credits on Pirates 1. Whar’s that dvd?

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