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Are you cleaning up with AJAX?

AJAX bugs me because a bunch of developers that used to say "we can’t do that because we would limit our market" jumped on a bandwagon that potentially limits their market (ie. browsers that don’t support javascript or have javascript disabled don’t support AJAX). Try using Google’s calendar with javascript disabled or change your user agent to an unknown browser.

Regardless, all developers worth their salt should do some dabbling in AJAX. Here is a nice list of 126 examples.

5 thoughts on “Are you cleaning up with AJAX?

  1. Thanks for the link… thus far I HATE AJAX (from a development standpoint), but I guess if I am going to continue working in this field, I am going to have to get with the program.

    One question though… what browswer doesn’t support JavaScript at this point? (I understand some don’t enable it… but who doesn’t actually HAVE it at this point?)

  2. Oh, that is right… I don’t have it on the browser in my PocketPC… duh.

  3. See #3 on here:

    I don’t get that stuff at all. Never really worked with Javascript much.

  4. Hehe. Excellent Salad!

  5. Man, the vaporware master of the universe, Duke Nukem Forever, is rumored to be coming out on an Ajax platform, which blew my mind. Of course, there’ve been rumors for like 10 years, so…
    I stuck the little Ajax shoutbox on the ‘tumor, but I, like Barry, am not smart enough to write the software.

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