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I love the Internet!

Oh.. How did we ever get entertained before the Internet? Why does our government want to screwup such good stuff?

Yes. Video blogging (Ze Frank uses adult language) is in Reality Me’s future.

3 thoughts on “I love the Internet!

  1. I’ve thought of video blogging, but I don’t think I’m nearly as entertaining in real life as I am in my mind.

  2. It is the time consuming side of editing et al that steers me away from video blogging. With typing I can create crappy copy. But with video blogging I have to create the copy then film then edit it and in the process I’m going to realize its crappy and want to put time into making it good.

    Of course, the macs make video processing so easy that if I had a mac, I’d probably video blog.

    Rocketboom has a staff that spends an entire day to make a 3 minute segment. I sometimes barely have time to get dressed!

  3. Yeah, I’d pretty much just wing it and see what comes out. Maybe I’ll tinker with it one day, but meh.

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