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Fly Naked Air

I said the future is in nude airlines!

This video shows we are practically there! (Note: the yahoo interface is obnoxious in that it moves immediately to the next video story. The new airport scanner is the first video). Basically, a machine is almost ready to deloy that will allow airport screens to see you nude and see everything you are packing.

It’s a virtual strip search…so detailed you can see genitalia.

So here is my more friendly skies concept. The airports will have rows of changing rooms like you would see in a dressing room at a clothing store. All passengers go into the changing rooms and strip. There is a container that you put your clothes, carry-on, and everything into. Like the doctor’s office bathroom, there is a pass-through which allows your sealed container to move onto a conveyor belt. You don a hospital robe, leave the changing room, and proceed through the metal detectors.

Taglines for my airline might be "Fly Naked Air" or "The Mile High Club is Open Again" and, my favorite, "Have no fear because you can see what everyone’s packing!" I’m seeking investors!

See the failed endeavor Hooters Air and The Sun News report on its failure. Wait a minute! Naked-Air (NWS) already flys out of Miami! Here’s a worksafe write-up of Naked-Air including this quote:

"After 9/11, I didn’t have any cancellations," [Donna Daniels] said. "Even after war broke out, we didn’t have any cancellations on this trip. People feel safe on a flight like this."

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