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Late to school! Alzheimers warning signs.

I woke this morning at 7:10. The panic set in immediately. Noah had missed his bus! I rushed upstairs muttering, "where had Sunday gone?" I thought of the hellish schedule for today and how I had hoped to make a little progress on the client’s work Sunday. The construction project also had no changes from Saturday. I make mysef do something to it everyday. I guess Sunday had been too busy. I distinctly remember yesterday’s travels in the car, the trip to the grandparents to pick up the children. The quality time with Cathy during the day and in the evening. I guess Sunday was a good day and I will deal with today.

Noah is not in his room. He normally wakes me if I am not up. I guess he got himself to school. Sarah and Amy are missing! Oh. Wait a minute.Today is Sunday!

3 thoughts on “Late to school! Alzheimers warning signs.

  1. Man, I hate those first-thing-in-the-morning adrenaline rushes. Thats the worst way to start a day.

  2. Years ago I used to spring from bed and land in a fighting pose in the middle of the room. I was a little high strung.

  3. To say the least…

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