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How did you learn to shave?

In days of yore, packets of razor blades came with a blank. As a child, I had my own razor. Dad would put a blank on it. I would lather up from that blue can with the red and white stripes. Then clear my face of foam by Dad’s side.

One day hairs poked out of my face. Coincidentally, I had one distinctly red hair on my mangy chin. Dad handed me a real razor and my own shaving cream. Then he left. I was on my own. Fortunately, Bill Cosby taught Theo how to shave on an episode of The Cosby Show so I felt I had some guidance.

Now-a-days, children do not need parents for anything. Everything is available on the Internet! No Bill Cosby re-runs to teach my children. They can learn to shave from YouTube!

3 thoughts on “How did you learn to shave?

  1. Uh… my mom taught me.

  2. Um, I don’t think my father EVER loaded up razors with blanks for my brothers. They just got electric razors when it was time for them. My mother never taught me how to shave my legs. When she got tired of me using her razor, she bought me my own. I proceeded to take giant chunks of skin out of my legs for the next few years.

  3. gah, chunks out of flesh… I remember once, not too long after I began shaving, I took a goodly chunk out of my outer ankle. That S.O.B. bled through 5 band-aids before it began to slow down. I almost passed out when I saw it.
    I began using electric razors for a while after that.

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