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Blingo Sends Me to the Movies!


I just won another movie ticket from Blingo! This time someone that signed up as a referral from me won so I won also. Now, I signed up under Cathy so when I win she wins which presents a slight problem in that Blingo limits each household to two prizes per month. On 9/4 I won a ticket and having referred me to Blingo Cathy received a prize also. She claimed an iTunes gift certificate. So technically, that is our two prizes this month. I wonder if I will actually receive this movie ticket. I think 2 prizes per month is far too limiting particularly if you have referred many people.

Since November of 2005, I have won 5 movie tickets from Blingo!

3 thoughts on “Blingo Sends Me to the Movies!

  1. Two prizes a month? I’d just like to win again. I haven’t won in several months despite always using Blingo for my searches. I guess I need to refer more people, but still, I think if I’m not winning, and you’re winning more than two a month, that’s the problem 😉

  2. I can’t believe you guys. I’ve been using Blingo about as long as you have and never won a thing…

  3. If you include Cathy’s wins (probably 3 are because I am under her), we are probably averaging just under 1 win a month. I added Blingo to the Firefox quick searches and use it throughout the day. Blingo gives you 10 tries a day at winning. I don’t know if those are per machine or per ip address but make sure you do at least 10 searches daily.

    I think I have 6 people signed up under me and Cathy has somewhere are 20. That helps.

    The Blingo Movie tickets and iTunes gift certs make for good bribery with the 13 year old although the first time she used one she was very awkward about it because it was “wierd” and different.

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