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No Condoms Allowed

Does the religious right want to do away with contraception?

Widespread availability of contraception absolutely reduces the number of abortions, as does comprehensive sex education. The Netherlands has the world’s most comprehensive sex education curriculum, offering contraception and pregnancy and STD testing not only freely but anonymously as well. The result: the rate of teen pregnancy in that country is 1/7th the rate of American teens, and so is the rate of abortions among teens.[Source]

4 thoughts on “No Condoms Allowed

  1. […] And here (via Doug) is a note on the growing attack on contraception. […]

  2. Why can’t these people just keep their nose in their own business and leave everyone else alone? I mean sheez, if they would properly teach about contraception, perhaps there would be less “pre-born” children for them to worry about or fight over.

  3. […] I found this article by way of Reality Me, and I must say, it sent chills down my spine. […]

  4. You tea-idiots crack me up YOU GO TO EXTREMES! Yes now you want to ban even condoms! Yea while all those extra women have children that they can’t take care of, they will also have to deal with constant std s and Aids/Hiv! We are already overpopulated and we are taking away more funding to help the poor etc,,. Where is all of the money going to come from?

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