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Oops. Whose Tea Was That?

When you are sitting at your wife‘s computer watching the children so she can bathe, and you accidentally drink her tall glass of ice tea, do you:

  1. Refill it from your glass
  2. Refill it from the pitcher
  3. Leave it empty so she thinks she finished it
  4. Blame the toddler
  5. Draw attention to it with a blog post
  6. Update: Apparently she had taken her tea into the bathroom while implies I must have stepped into the bathroom, been overwhelmed with her beauty, picked up the tea, returned to the computer, and drank it in a spellbound daze.

3 thoughts on “Oops. Whose Tea Was That?

  1. I am notorious for drinking Jeni’s drink … it’s unconscious.

  2. B, followed by D (so I can get credit for being thoughful enough to actually refill it).

  3. Apparently the tea was in the bathroom so the crime is greater. I must have gone into the bathroom, been overwhelmed by her sexiness, picked up the tea, brought it back to the computer in a daze, and …

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