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Lost – no, not that one

So I had an interesting experience this past Saturday. I am driving Cathy and crew over to her mother’s house so that Noah and I can steal the Dodge Neon since the Jeep was still in pieces on the driveway. Cathy, Sarah, Amy, Evan and Tommy had to go to the ice skating rink after dropping Noah and I off. I had forgotten my cell phone and would not be able to walk her through the back roads if she needed help.

I was verbally giving her a rundown of directions that I thought would get her there most directly with the least amount of chance for getting lost. See, her parents live in this neat little spot of town that is centrally located but somehow not directly connected to anything. Getting anywhere, except the interstate, involves a back road. Well, suddenly I did not know where I was. I could not remember how I got there and I had turned the car around but I only vaguely remember making the turn. It seems liked I was driving in a bright light and the conversation I was having with Cathy didn’t even make much sense at that point. As I re-oriented I almost turned back toward our house instead of the inlaws. It was very bizarre and surreal.

I think what happened was that I started to visualize the directions I was giving Cathy a little too much and started following my own directions. Good puppy.

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  2. TIA

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