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Lost – Spoilers

Hospital flashback at 27:18. Is that Zeke having the epidural catheter removed? Wouldn’t that imply a spinal injury? Jack’s speciality right?

Book club book is Carrie. Carrier US new2:00

Carrie Signet2:07 and 3:49

Carrie US DoubleDay 1:51

Covers found on Stephen King Shop.

4 thoughts on “Lost – Spoilers

  1. I just watched the scene again – the guy bears a superficial resemblance to Zeke, but I think he was just Random Old Guy. Move along, nothing to see here…

    I also went back and looked at the book club scene, and can’t tell anything about which book it is (other than the author). Why do you think it’s The Dark Tower?

  2. At 1:50-1:52 when they are saying “there’s no metaphor” we had a strong picture of the cover. Cathy and I were watching it together on her computer and thought it read “Dark Tower.” So far I have not found this cover.It’s the doubleday cover. Carrie US DoubleDay

    Having set the size to “big” and rewatched it I am no longer certain that is Dark Tower. At 2:00 the black woman is holding a red Stephen King book that bears a striking resemblance to “Lisey’s Story”. Oops. Strike that. It’s “Carrie.” Carrier US new

    At 2:07 she clearly flashes a Carrie cover. Carrie Signet

    (all Carrie covers)

  3. […] The reading club reads Carrie. See this port for covers and times seen. […]

  4. […] The Stephen King book was definitely Dark Tower. Boy did I ever jump the gun. […]

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