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Lost – Spoilers

The wife points out that it takes roughly 2 weeks to brainwash someone.

What’s up with the speaker in Jack’s cell? "It hasn’t worked in years." Screwing with his mind? Or was something trying to communicate to Jack unbeknownst to The Others?

I don’t think Zeke "came out of the closet" but merely told Kate that he wasn’t interested in her.

SCORE! The speaker says, "Let it go Jack." in his father’s voice.

5 thoughts on “Lost – Spoilers

  1. Drug-induced hallucination. He identified his father’s dead body in Sydney.

  2. He also saw his father walking around on the island, as well as discovering the empty coffin in the jungle with a bunch of other wrecked cargo. Either the island raised dear old dad from the dead, or he was never in the coffin.

  3. Hallucination. Just like Kate’s horse.

  4. Well, there are numerous things seen/not seen by the Losties – which are hallucinations and which aren’t?

    For instance:

    Polar bear – real
    Eagle that called Hurley’s name – ?
    Walt – real (seen by both Sayid and Shannon)
    Religious painting with Charlie’s mum and Claire – hallucination
    Hurley’s friend Dave – hallucination
    Horse – didn’t Sawyer also see it?
    Jack’s dad – ?
    Lostzilla – real, seen by Locke, Eko, Charlie, others (?)

    I’m just thinking they’re all connected, somehow, and have a common explanation…

  5. The connection is that quarantine warning on the inside of the hatch. Hallucinations.

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