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Hot Pants! Lee Can Sell Down Under (but not North America)

Well now, if you are in Australia (Tim), you can buy these pants. If you are in America, you had better not click that link from work!

Lee Jeans’ controversial “Lolita” ad poster for spring-summer 2006 has been found acceptable by the Advertising Standards Board.

“The board (notes) that the woman is over 18, is fully clothed in attire that is fashionable amongst young women for summer, and that there is no nudity,” its determination said.

“The board also (notes) that consumption of this style of lollipop is now common amongst people over 18.”
[Source – probably NSFW]

What nipple?

Update: Search Flickr for "Lee Jeans Lolita to see more. These pictures show how the American version will have the hint of nipple removed.

3 thoughts on “Hot Pants! Lee Can Sell Down Under (but not North America)

  1. Would you allow Sarah or Amy to wear that outfit even if they buttoned their shirt? Would you let them pose for a picture like that? I don’t find the candy sexual.

  2. Aren’t you the one that pointed out Sarah’s clothes to me? Little sprout is busting out! And you already know my answer..I’d be telling them to put on something that fits.

    As for the pose, I’d discourage it for them but for you! That’s a different story.

    And I think I can explain the candy after the kids go to sleep tonight.

  3. I know the reason men give for finding the candy sexual. I just don’t understand it. Do men fall apart watching women eat in restaurants or drinking in a bar? Is it exciting to watch a woman slurp a milkshake thru a straw? That’s just silly.

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