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Quiet Down Class – Don’t Make Me Shoot My Gun!

Ah! Our reactive society thinks throwing guns at the teachers is going to make our schools safer. Ok. Maybe it will. At what cost? Our future is in the schools now. I am already disturbed by the overwhelming influence that the schools have on the upbringing of our children. I mean, for the bulk of their day we place the development of a human being – morals, ethics, beliefs, integrity, etc – into the hands of burnt out strangers or naive youth. What message are we communicating to the students when suddenly every adult in the school has a sidearm? Either a) we don’t trust you or b) you can’t trust the world. Regardless, we are bringing up our children to not trust and to believe that it is better to unquestionably close ourselves off (ie. lose liberties) in the name of safety. When we are pinching pennies in our retirement homes, what decisions will our youth be making for us as our political leaders?

I am not saying that arming teachers is wrong. Maybe it is necessary. But make it a responsive decision as opposed to a reactive decision. Respond by weighing pros and cons. You know, our airlines would be safer if we instituted strip searches and body cavity searches on ever passenger then sent them naked with their sore orafices to their cold seats. But that is not going to happen is it?

5 thoughts on “Quiet Down Class – Don’t Make Me Shoot My Gun!

  1. Thinking of putting guns in teachers’ hands makes me scared. I can’t get the image of my band director out of my mind, sitting on his stool with a 44 in his belt.

  2. Yeah, really. Teachers are probably one of the more unhinged of the working population. I know for a fact that when I was in school, if the teachers were armed, there’d have been gunfire. Ironically, it would have been at each other, rather than at students.

  3. I know! Give guns to postal workers! They’re already everywhere, right?

  4. prozac in the drinking water

  5. I’m all for Prozac in the drinking water!

    I really think that if we arm teachers we will have more accidental shootings than mass murders. “I know it was a cellphone now but I thought he was going to shoot me.”

    Now postal workers! Not only could they have guns but they could monitor our actions and report back to the FBI. “Today I looked in Mrs Johnson’s window like normal but instead of watching tv in her panties she was fully naked using a novelty device for pleasure! Shall I bring her in?”

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