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Woman Rapes Boy Then Sues Him For Child Support

If you got pregnant at 19 ½ when you had sex with a 13 ½ year old boy, at 22 don’t take him to court for child support because he can finally work at 16. Matter of fact, don’t ever ask him for child support.

“But for her having made the application in Family Court, we never would have known about this,” Warren County District Attorney Kate Hogan said. “It was such an unusual way to have a case come forward.” [Source]

2 thoughts on “Woman Rapes Boy Then Sues Him For Child Support

  1. rapes a boy? how, did she start riding him? and CHILD SUPPORT? that woman is twisted.

  2. It’s the definition of rape, not the act of forcing someone to have sex with you. Since she was 19.5 years old and he was 13.5 years old, under New Yor state laws the sex act is considered statutory rape. In that case, “Second-degree rape is punishable by up to 7 years in state prison.”

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