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LOST Revelations and Questions

So, why are The Others so certain that the sail boat would just sail in circles? "sailing in circles will keep them busy." And why does Colleen think that the sail boat could find them. Didn’t the season opener show the village inland? What is the "us" that they might find. Why would Ben so easily give Micheal a boat then get so eagar about the sail boat?

What was Jin’s relation to Sun’s lover? When he saw the picture, his face lit up with recognition.

I thought the young guy in the cage that tried to escape was a plant to mess with Sawyer’s mind but the appearance of Alex with concern for him negates that. So, who is he? The work area with Kate and Sawyer isn’t just a labor camp. They are studying blueprints.

The dock seen at 17:10 is labled Sala Ferry (I think) – the lettering is a little cryptic. Little side note. Using gas to start a fire is dangerous, unnecessary and typically ineffective. Sayid should have been able to start the signal fire without the gas.

More after I make a programming milestone…

6 thoughts on “LOST Revelations and Questions

  1. I forgot the Others gave their WaltNapping boat to Michael last season. So how did they sneak up on the sailboat without Sayid and Jin hearing them? I can understand them coming up to the water farther down the beach and sneaking down, but there were at least five of them – surely they made some noise and movement. Maybe the surf drowned it out. In addition, did they know the guys were in the trees or did they expect to find all three on the boat? I think Sun should’ve kept low and hidden…

    Didn’t Jin assist Jae at some point at the hotel as a doorman? I think he realized he’d seen the guy at some point (he’s hard to forget with the bald head). I really don’t think he realized the connection with Sun. If he had, he really would’ve killed him – just doing it as part of a job is what stayed his hand.

    Since Alex’s friend was younger like she was (she’s like, 14? 15? He looked a bit older) it stands to reason, assuming the older Others were born on the island, that the boy, like Alex, is a capture. Wonder if there was another older kid in the tail section? Or another wreck between Rousseau, Henry Gale, the drug plane and the Losties?

    I really expected to see some of the captured Tailies in the work camp. Ah well. Was anyone doing any actual physical work besides Kate and Sawyer? I think they’re building a tiki bar….

    It’s actually called the Pala Ferry.

  2. Watching the episode again makes the signal fire look really close to the dock. How 6 people managed to sneak past two guards on alert, get down a creaky dock, and onto a boat without being noticed seems hard to believe. However, in our early encounters with the Tailies weren’t we told "they walk without being heard."? Have people forgotten The Whispers? I don’t believe The Whispers and The Others are the same. If they are the same, then The Others are in a different physical state when the whispers are happening.

    In The Others camp, will we see the Tailie that disappeared just before reaching the beach? Have we already seen her and forgotten she was with the Tallies?

    Someone radio’d Colleen about the boat. Sayid and Jin were under observation.

    I think you are correct regarding the doorman.

    I have to agree taht a tiki bar would be an excellent addition to the village.

  3. […] Barry notes that the dock is labeled Pala Ferry not Sala Ferry. Lost Pedia gives us this information regarding Pala Ferry: The Pala Ferry is a ferry system referred to in the Pearl Orientation Video. Dr. Mark Wickmund states “…At the end of your eight hour shift proceed to the Pala Ferry which will take you back to the barracks…“. There is a pier and dock on the northern shore of The Island that has a covered canopy with the words “Pala Ferry” on the top. Presumably this is the docking point for the ferry and location the Pearl team would travel to when they boarded the ferry. The Pala Ferry pier has been used by the The Others as a docking point for their boat, and by Jin, Sun, and Sayid to dock the sailboat. It appears to be grown over and in a state of general dis-use, though looks can be deceiving. [Source] […]

  4. I find it hard to believe the Others are super-human – although Ethan did seem to demonstrate enhanced strength – so I don’t think they have any magical “silent running” shoes. I just think they’ve lived on the island so long they know every rock and tree and can move silently. Of course, it’s always possible they have still another boat they could’ve used. A dingy or something like that.

    I think the Whispers are either supernatural or an elaborate speaker system designed to talk to the palm trees.

    I fully expected to see Cindy, the Tailie that was captured right before Shannon was shot, in the rock camp. Hopefully we’ll see her and some of the other Tailies soon. I hope they (and especially the children) haven’t been forgotten by the writers.

    It could also be a big barbecue pit they’re building, since Locke apparently drove all the boar away from their beach toward the other side of the island. It’s a Boar-o-Rama!

  5. I think Barry is right about the island being wired with speakers and cameras. I like the idea of a big bbq grill. The others can’t leave because of whatever they are infected with and they want to have a big party for a change. šŸ™‚

  6. “being wired with speakers and cameras” Egad! How could we have not put this together before. They were so interested in Walt because the island’s name sake is in cryostasis under The Black Rock! (aka Pirates of the Carribean) “Disney’s corpse is stored in a deep-freeze chamber somewhere — directly under Disneyland’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” attraction” The Others want Jack to bring Walt Disney back to life! The Island is a failed, junglized South Pacific Disney theme park.

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