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Pala Ferry Mentioned in Orientation Tapes

Barry notes that the dock is labeled Pala Ferry not Sala Ferry. Lost Pedia gives us this information regarding Pala Ferry:

The Pala Ferry is a ferry system referred to in the Pearl Orientation Video. Dr. Mark Wickmund states “…At the end of your eight hour shift proceed to the Pala Ferry which will take you back to the barracks…“. There is a pier and dock on the northern shore of The Island that has a covered canopy with the words “Pala Ferry” on the top. Presumably this is the docking point for the ferry and location the Pearl team would travel to when they boarded the ferry. The Pala Ferry pier has been used by the The Others as a docking point for their boat, and by Jin, Sun, and Sayid to dock the sailboat. It appears to be grown over and in a state of general dis-use, though looks can be deceiving. [Source]

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