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Adventures with Amy

Amy Wheee

2 thoughts on “Adventures with Amy

  1. I think this is the start of a new career for you, man.

  2. […] Today, Amy will go to school dressed like Minnie Mouse. We did it last Wednesday and walked into the school to see most people not in costume. Fortunately, Amy had an extra shirt in the car. Two or three children remained in costume, one with hair dyed orange, as the teachers explained the date had changed and we must have missed the memo. Amy was having an overtired tantrum and part of me just wanted to take her home. I also didn’t want her to feel bad being one of the only children (at first I thought ‘the only’) in costume but I really do not think 4 year old minds think things like that until adults put such thoughts of self-doubt and insecurity into their minds. I think she would have proudly shown off her costume despite the other children. That’s the correct, confident response we should maintain all our lives. I hope I can instill such confidence. I don’t see it in Sarah. […]

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