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Special Moments and Rituals – Evan Shaving

Evan and I share a ritual most mornings. I use an electric shaver and when I turn it on Evan comes running. It is his job to sit on my left hip and hold the container for the shaver. He plays with the paperwork that I’ve never thrown away and uses the cleaning brush to mimic the motions I am making on my face. He smiles being with Daddy and seems to like the feel of the cleaning brush over his cheeks. His dimple shows big while spending a few quality moments with Dad and I love it!

It is my goal to establish a psuedo-daily ritual with each of the children. With the older children, it might be reading a chapter aloud from a book or cooking a meal together.

3 thoughts on “Special Moments and Rituals – Evan Shaving

  1. maybe when evan is older he will be able to shave all by himself while sitting on piles of his own unopened mail
    dump it doug!

  2. That’s a good read Tim! We obviously are not living that but we are working to reduce. We should have found a home for those video tapes a couple of years ago.

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