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This Big Small World

Six years ago Cathy and I walked through West Town Mall. We had a wonderful store called The World of Knowledge. Outside an employee was playing with devil sticks. I borrowed them, showed off, and gave some advice. Apparently she remembered, because six years later we met again at Atomic Tumor’s party and she pointed saying, "ow ow ow! I know you!". It was a good moment. Now she is in the hospital and holding onto life by a thread.

nurses are telling me that her vitals can’t support life for long, that I told my 9 year old son as lightly as I could that his mother might die, that, despite HOW HARD I TRY NOT TO I can’t help figureing out how I’d word her obiturary on this stupid web page because I might just need to, I start to break down. [Source]

Head over to AtomicTumor, give a shout in the chat box found in the sidebar, leave some supportive comments, and say some prayers, send some positive energy, and think good thoughts.

3 thoughts on “This Big Small World

  1. Thanks so much for your kind words and support, Djuggler. It was good seeing you today at the Arboretum.

  2. I don’t think I’ve seen a pic of GAC in action until I came here, and it stopped me.
    Thanks for putting it there.
    This will pass.
    Sorry I missed you today. Thanks so very much for your help and support, I’m floored.

  3. Er, rather, in action since Friday. Something like that. Brain no workey good

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